Credit Application

The Textron Financial Online Credit Application portal provides you with the ability to complete a credit application online, refer to a checklist for required information, and securely upload financial information and other information to begin processing your credit request. Members of the TFC Global Finance Team will contact you soon after submission of your credit application.

This credit application process is intended for financing of new and pre-owned Textron Aviation aircraft and Bell helicopters. For other purchases, please contact the appropriate member of our Global Finance Team.

Apply Online

  • Online application
  • Easy & secure
  • Bell helicopters
  • Textron Aviation aircraft
  • New & preowned
  • Global financing

Talk With Our Global Team

The online credit application is not a required process. Customers are welcome to discuss financing topics and requirements directly with members of the TFC Global Finance Team.

Customers can alternatively download the Credit Application Form below, complete, and email the same along with information as detailed in the Financing Checklist to:

Download Credit App Download Credit App - Brazil

Please contact the appropriate member of the TFC Global Finance Team or TFC customer service with any questions.